tisdag 24 november 2009

Another awesome haul from Systembolaget!

Once a month Systembolaget adds new titles to their catalog and most of them are out as soon as they sell out. This was the first time I placed an order with them and usually you have to be out in a good time, I mean you really have to place your order the same day they release the new titles. They managed to get me everything but two items, which weren't released in big quantities. Oh well, I'll buy them next year.

So, I came home with 21 bottles!!! Three more will arrive next week. A few will be left for aging, some of them will be consumed during x-mas and some when the time comes. I did manage to get a few American Ales and those are the ones one should consider buying right away, cause importing them is way too expensive and might end up being a nightmare.

I have a soar throat and I think I'm getting a cold. That's typical, two days before my trip to Italy. Oh well, those beers won't grow legs, so they'll be here when I'm fit for fight again!

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