måndag 30 november 2009

Birra Baladin

I lost my hope, searching for this famous Italian beer. Not a single place had it. In the Naglini area we found a very tiny wine store, not bigger thanan average kitchen. What a lovely abd cousy place, with dim light and friendly staff. In the middle of the store there is a table for wine tasting. They had all Baladin varieties, in all sizes. I took the regular 750ml bottle, Noel.

Hehe, we drank this out of plastic glasses, unfortunately. Very dark smell, fruity. Strong licorice taste, fruits, wine after taste.

I'm very happy that we founds this beer. Tomorrow morning we. Are going home and this weekend I will continue reviewing beers at home. :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. There's still a reasonable number of Baladin bottles of the Gold series (Super, Nöel and Elixir) at Systembolaget. You should be able to order, much cheaper than traveling to Piozzo even if the beer tastes even better in the company of brewer Teo.

  2. Gunnar, I actually realized that Systembolaget had three different kinds from the Gold series, right before I left for Italy. But buying a bottle over there was way more fun than getting it here locally. I might try the other too some day, but at the moment I have a lot of beers on my "want list". :)