fredag 4 december 2009

Inferno Ale 750ml, 8.5% - USA

My brother and I decided to put a new chapter in this forum. It is indeed time for some American beers. People usually say: "American beers suck!! Bud, Miller, Coors and so on.." Yes, I do agree with them, no doubt about them. But..! How about those micro breweries.. They do kick ass when making and the result is amazing! Check this out:

Poured nicely with a creamy white two finger head, some lacing.

Fresh Belgian smell, fruity and spicy.

Amazingly good and fresh taste. Very fruity, with some spices and a bit of citrus. With a bitter alcohol after taste. Yeasty with a bitter touch of hops.

The first glass I poured was clear, but the second one was cloudy, although no sediment was not found.

This is my first American review, many more to come! :)

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