lördag 19 december 2009

The Mid-December thing! (Utopias)

My last and I guess most expensive purchase for 2009. Those ten beers set me back as much as 2300kr. But I guess the biggest tribute goes to Samuel Adams Utopias which cost 1300kr. It's going to be fun to try this beer and see if it's really worth the cash.

You know I had to phone Systembolaget this morning and ask if my items arrived. They usually send a txt, but I guess around this time of year they just didn't have time for that. Or they are plain lazy.

Some of those beer will be put away, Ola Dubh and perhaps the Older Viscosity. I'm very eager to try the Pumpkin beer, although it doesn't sound tasty at all.

Utopias will be put aside for a while, don't know for how long though. Sweden was able to source only 30 bottle and I was lucky enough to get one. Inside I found a code for a free Utopias glass. Guess what, they ship only within US. So I'm going to ask a friend of mine to have it shipped to him, so he can reroute it to me. Drinking a beer of this caliber should be done in respective glass.

As you can see each bottle is numbered. I think they made a 15.000 run this year. 52 barrels is what it says on the label.

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  1. Grats on the Utopias bottle. I didn't get one since there was about 50-100 people in queue for it. Going to be fun to hear what you thought of it.