onsdag 9 december 2009

St. Andrew's Ale 500ml, 4.6% - England

I try to vary my reviews with different beer styles, so it's more interesting for you guys to read. Since pretty much all of you have your own, special, favorite type of beer.

How about a Scottish Ale?

Poured darkish copper color, with a tan head.

Fresh grass, malty smell. I even sense a tad of citrus here.

A mild taste of malts and hops, there's even some caramel in here (very little). Although I found all those characteristics, I still think that the taste is tasteless, it's lacking something. After taste has it's bitterness, it's even some what creamy.

I'm going to try to avoid this beer in the future, nothing special at all.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Have not tried this but their Twisted Thistle is rather nice. Also tried their Wee Heavy but was not impressed.

  2. Jag drack en Twisted Thistle för några veckor sen, helt okay faktiskt. Kanske det är dags att köpa en flara för att skriva en review. :)

    Wee Heavy har systembolaget, men det står att man ska beställa minst 12st.. Ska se om Bishops Arms har det. Alltid kul att prova något nytt.