torsdag 28 januari 2010

New beer shop:

While I was looking for Mikkeller's "wax" editions I stumbled upon a beer shop from Germany. The site indicated that they only ship via Germany, but the seller said that he's working on changing the shipping options and was more than happy to ship a package to Sweden. The free EU bank transfer worked out flawlessly.

The package was shipped out quickly and only one bottle was broken. Fortunately it was an Achel Blonde, which isn't a rarity and can always be replaced. The post office sure likes to play football with out parcels.

Right after I sent a list of the things I wanted, the seller told me about a new series of beers which he just got it. Revelation Cat Woodwork Series. Never really heard of them and the internet rumors say that they are hard to get, so I couldn't helped my self and bought one of each. Also, I found a St. Bernardus Tripel which I desired to try for a very long time, but all of the shops are always sold out. I even got the Blanche version which was also on my "to try" list.

A few Belgians beers were added to the list. Always wanted to try the infamous imperial stout from Brasserie Ellezelloise + I got Quintine Ambrée from the same brewery. And a few other things. The seller even shipped two bottles free of charge for me to review. :)

So I recommend you all to try this shop. Just email the seller with your order and he'll take care of the rest. <-- The address

5 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like you got a nice set of beers. I had a look and it looked nice. Prices where allot lower then I expected. How much did you pay on postal fees?

  2. Exactly, the prices are very good! I'll be buying more from this guy. He'll be stocking some quality stuff from De Molen within next few weeks. Can't wait!

    The shipping was 28.99 euro 17kg or so. Reasonable and not overcharged.

  3. måste prova, billigare en CrackedKettle men jag gillar deras bred sortimentet. Har varit i NY och köpte mycket Ommegang öl som du säkert gillar, måste provar den snart

  4. Bierkompass intreserar mig endast med deras "Aktionssortiment" med lite speciella öl.

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