måndag 22 mars 2010

Mohawk Rye IPA 500ml, 7.5% - Sweden

Pours clear amber with a small thick head.

Grassy aroma together with some grapefruit and biscuit.

Malty flavor. Some bread, biscuit and hops. A bit of citrus and grapefruit in the background. Nice bitter aftertaste.

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  1. Hallåj!

    Nu har en ny ölblogg släppts lös! http://portersteken.blogspot.com/ kommer att handla om öl och mat i ljuvlig kombination. Mer info om vad den kommer att innehålla finns i bloggens första inlägg. Följ den gärna och lägg hemskt gärna till den bland dina blogglänkar :)

    Mvh Johan

  2. Must say I really love your photos! I know I've said it before but just had to tell you once more cause I'm so impressed ;)

    .. but I wouldn't have chosen that beerglass for that type of beer ;)

  3. Tack Dempa! And like I said earlier I'm too lazy to take better pics, but I'll try my best to change that in a week or two. I will adjust white balance accordingly, so you can see the real true colors that the beer and the bottle has.

    What glass would you use? A normal pint is what I usually use for an American IPA. :)

  4. I almost always prefer a sniffer/tulip for bigger IPA's. A regular "cheap" pale ale, well that's when I could go for the pintglass. When it's more drinkability to it and I have a few bottles to finish ;)

  5. have to agree with dempa, you got the best beer blog pictures out there man. What type of camera are you using and are you editing the photos on your computer afterwards before uploading them? Sadly after joining the iphone pack i am using its crappy camera instead of my ixus10

  6. Cheers! I use this lens for my Canon:


    But sadly the quality of photos gets much worse once they are uploaded here on blogger (I guess they don't want a lot of traffic).. I never edit my photos or do anything with them. Only change the white balance and add a signature. But yesterday I ordered a gray card, to help the white balance look more "alive" so there'll be better pics (in the sense of light) in the next few weeks.