onsdag 7 april 2010

De Molen / Revelation Cat Triple Hop Bock 750ml, 9.2% - Netherlands

Poured dark brown color, topped with a small, thick mocha head.

Sweet piney aroma, some grapefruit, exotic fruits and malts.

Very strong hoppy flavor. Grapefruits up front, followed by some citrus and small piney hints towards the end. Sweet malts and tiny resemblance of cold earl gray.

Slightly dry with a creamy mouth feel.

This doesn't feel, smell or taste like a bock at all. I'm surprised in a very good way! Love De Molen! :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Looking at the picture and reading your review, it doesn't look/sound like a bock at all. But what do you think we should call it instead? :)

  2. Recently someone put the very first review up on Beeradvocate and that person decided to class it as an "American Strong Ale".. Although it's not up to us to do so, but to the brewery.

  3. American Strong Ale seems to be one of those styles/categories for beers that can't be put in any other style/category :)

  4. When I tasted this on tap i came to think of IPA instead of bock. There is a lot of hops in it indeed. Very enjoyable anyhow.