fredag 23 april 2010

Old Stock Ale 2009 355ml, 11.5% - USA

Poured slightly dark red with a small tan, yellow head.

Boozy aroma with some cherries and malts.

Warm and sweet taste. Brown sugar, prunes, malts, caramel and of course some boozyness. Although it's quite pleasant.

I want to this after being cellared for some time.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Yury my friend!

    You cannot keep drinking at this pace!

    Two minutes between the Red Seal and the Old Stock Ale?? ;-)

  2. Sorry 9 miutes from the Seal with a Monk inbetween.

  3. It was a North Coast marathon! :P

  4. Give this one atleast 3 years to calm down before trying it again. I tried a 2007-vintage a few months ago and it was _alot_ better. I have a few more 2007 bottles left so i'm gonna wait another year and try one again.

  5. Too bad those are sold out at Systemet. There should be a 2010 version released later this year I think. Will stock up with a few then. =)