tisdag 18 maj 2010

Freigeist Caulfield 375ml, 10% - Germany

The first ever Imperial Stout from Germany. Got the bottle from Sebastian, the brewer.

Oily pitch black liquid poured into a sniffer. Very still and no head what so ever.

Roasted malts up front followed by a very scarce aroma, which I can't really describe right away. Sort of nutty and perfumy, boozy hint. Towards the end I think I know what it is, a whisky/bourbon aroma, although this wasn't aged in barrels.

Lot's of roasted malts in the flavor as well. Smoky hints, with tar. Dark chocolate, toffee, very light vanilla tones. Mild and creamy mouth feel. Quite well balanced, medium to full bodied. I like that oily touch that it has.

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