onsdag 12 maj 2010

Lot's of beer from the Alvinne Beer Shop

Last week I stumbled upon Alvinne's very own online Beer Shop. Luckily they do ship to Europe and take payment with credit cards and Paypal. I did find quite a few interesting beers that I've never tried, but wanted for a long time. Without any hesitation I placed an order, which was then shipped out pretty much instantly by Glenn. Great and friendly service, you guys should give it a go. :)

http://www.alvinnebeershop.be/ <-- Link to the store..

So, this is what I got then:

A few De Molen that I never tried, Witte Roock (Alvinne and Urthel), Rodenbach Vintage 2007 (sounds interesting) and another Mikkeller that I've had on my "to drink" list.

Some BrewDog beers, I still want to give them another chance to surprise me with what they've got. Talking is one thing, but brewing is another. Black Damnation 2, 3 and 4.. The one in the middle is 2, although the label indicates it's #1.. Glenn gave me his last bottle. And some more beers from De Molen.

And of course some of their own beers that I never tried. Alvinne, that is. Some new beers to the market I guess, that's what Gleen wrote: "a bottle of Alvinne Naked Ladies (collaboration brew with Tom Madeiros from twickenham Fine Ales, 4,4 ABV, but with our Morpheus-yest), a Bittere Waarheid and a Ambetanterik (both from 't Aletrnatief, a cotractbrewer using our facilities to brew his beer)".

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