onsdag 26 maj 2010

Wöllnitzer Weißbier 500ml, 4.5% - Germany

Looks like many people were wrong about this beer. The typical comment I heard was "It tastes great for a beer with such a low ABV." But apparently it's not. I got a bottle with a "new" home made label where it says 4.5%.. So I got the following answer:

The story is that the old label used until last year was an old-fashion one, but had a wrong declaration concerning the alcohol. The administrative office criticized that and forced him to an actual label. As he has no real time for that next to his brewery and gastronomy, he just made an amateur label on his own to be able to bottle it again. Well now it's says that it's 4,5%, but in reality it's 3,8% ;-)

Poured murky, pale yellow, with a small head which dissolved instantly.

Very citrus aroma. Some wheat, vitamin C and small lambic hints.

Sour, slightly spicy, vitamin C and wheat.

Well balanced carbonation!

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  1. Interesting find!

    Anyway, I love this beer.