måndag 14 juni 2010

Over 100 beers from Ølbutikken + Mikkeller Bar!

Last Friday I went to Copenhell festival with a friend of mine to see my favorite band Deftones. The day after on Saturday we paid a visit to Ølbutikken and of course I bought shit loads of brew. It was hard to decide what to buy, so I took pretty much one of each. Ended up with six crates. The owner gave me a discount + Drie Fonteinen Hommage bottle and the new Mikkeller glass which was manufactured for the grand opening of the bar. I also got the t-shirt which was used during the opening, all covered with beer stains. I did wear it to the bar later on.

So, here's what I've got:

A huge amount of Mikkeller beers that I haven't tried. Lot's of them are quite new to the market:

Some beers from The Bruery + Speedway Stout and other American goodies:

Three Floyds!!! (I didn't buy the Dark Lord from Ølbutikken) Lost Abbey + more..

Dessert on bottle from Nøgne Ø + Danish experiments!

And just a lot of mixed beers from different amazing breweries!

The total was the most I've ever paid for beer, but hey at least there's something to look forward to every weekend!

Now the Mikkeller bar was an amazing place to be. Met a lot of cool people. Had a good chat with the bar chef (I hope I didn't get on his nerves talking about beer). We did try some Mikkeller brew that isn't available on bottles + some other stuff. Great place to be!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Nice beerhaul! Still, for that kind of money you could have taken the plane to the states and spent 3K or more on beer there :) Crazy :)

  2. Oh I'll visit New York when those beers are finished. It's just that I finally had time to visit the store, so I took my opportunity to buy all I could. :)

  3. o_O Heelt galet!! /lasseg (iglaset)

  4. Nu ska man försöka att hålla sig och inte dricka upp allt så fort som möjligt.

  5. Fy fan säger jag. Verkligen nom nom nom.

  6. You must have quite a well paid job, spending this amount just on beer.