söndag 22 november 2009

Ale Nr. 16 330ml, 5.7% - Denmark

I decided to review a Danish beer today, since I've been there this weekend and maybe it's time to take a break from all those Belgian beers I've been drinking. Don't worry, I have around 15-20 English ales and stouts laying around, waiting to be reviewed. Also, a few American ales.

Year 1997 and 2000 this beer was the best beer in Denmark, also it took 3rd place as world's best beer. Interesting!

The bottle I have is obviously from the local factory and meant to be sold in Denmark, not for export. The glass is weathered and gives it an antique look.

Very dark red color, two finger head with very little lacing.

Smell of hops with a fruity tint.

Bitter taste, hops do their trick, fruity and nutty, although almost no after taste at all. Reminds me of a light, English ale.

This is not winner for me, although quite an ok and drinkable ale.

I have another beer from the same brewery (Bryggeriet Refsvindinge ApS), which is called "Mors Stout". Will be reviewing it later.

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